Benefits Of A Bale Loader

Commercial forage growers and livestock producers are aware of financial gains which come with close management of cutting, conditioning, baling and loading hay. Surprisingly, these management practices are forgotten during bale movement. It is sad for such producers to invest large amounts in growing quality hay only to compromise the value in handling and transportation. However, use of the right equipment and adequate planning can save bale value. One of the most resourceful equipment for farmers who grow hay for sale is a bale loader.

Benefits of a bale loader

a) Reduce hay waste
Until recently, ranchers and farmers were unable to escape “bad side’ hay which was not only costly but an unavoidable expense. It is caused by inefficiencies in production equipment which leave bales exposed to moisture. When allowed to sit for days or weeks in the field before it is transported to storage, the bottom part picks up moisture which leads to the growth of mold. This is how the ” bad side” is born. The more the bale sits in the field, the more its value depreciates.

The problem can be solved by the use of bale loaders which ensure the process of hauling the bales for transportation to storage is done faster and efficiently.

b) Reduce cost
In the past, farmers and ranchers relied on human labor to load and offload hay. Due to the complexity of the process, many casual laborers had to be hired. It is one of the activities which cost farmers a lot of money. With the introduction of machine loaders, only a few workers are needed to facilitate the process.

c) Save on time
The speed of harvesting, loading, and transportation of hay to storage affects the value. If the processes drag, even the highest quality hay will depreciate in value. Bale loaders ensure the processes proceed faster and efficiently to safeguard the value. This translates to better profits to the farmer.

d) Winter feeding
The process of handling hay does not end once it is safe in the storage space for ranchers. There is need to move it during winter to feed the cattle. Because they are scattered at different places during this time, only one or two bales are placed at each location. With conventional trailers used in hay dumping, the entire load is dumped at once.

Traditionally, ranchers have dealt with the issue by using pickups and tractors to distribute the bales at different location. This necessitates excessive trips which mean excessive fuel consumption, time wastage as well as wear and tear. Investing in bale loaders is the best alternative.

bale loader

Every rancher or farmer who is serious about increasing efficiency and improving productivity in the farm should take advantage of bale loading equipment. They ensure bale movement takes place in the least downtime.

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