Shingle Tabbing: Sizes and Measures for Modern Roofing

Most roofers have top have an excellent understanding of spatial dimensions and mathematics. This is where those difficult lessons in trigonometry are actually applied to some extent in a practical setting. Shingle applications rely on at least four main styles. They need to fit like a grand roofing puzzle, and any one of the below fits could be present in any roofing shingle make.

Three-Tab: A Three-tab allotment actually has only two tabs inserted, with the third being represented by the end of the shingle. They fit together like a tight puzzle, but these tabs are not always considered the most resilient to wind. They boast a decent fire rating. They are also a bit larger in measurement (in general) and require less shingles per square footage compared to other tab frames.

Multi-Tab: Multi- tab shingle types are very similar to three-tab. The main difference is that they have a minimum of three inserts, and these inserts have different depths and cuts into the tab. This gives it perhaps the highest wind resistance rating available.

No-cutout: this is rather self explanatory. It boasts no actual cuts into the tab at all. Though it would seem that this is the least resilient to wind, it is actually the most. The reason is that the shingles are laid in a way that takes fully advantage of the frame of the asphalt. They are usually the heaviest per shingle as well as having the least exposure vertically. This gives them a durable and molded form against the surface of the roof to deter wind resistance.

RoofingLaminated: Laminated asphalt roofs are also called dimensional. This is because they are the thickest and mightiest of all asphalt Roofing company types. The bottom half of the shingle is often three times thicker than the other half. This gives it a very full and realized depth per shingle.

Shingle Tabbing

A Roofing company applies shingles that fit one of these four main styles. Each one is suitable for a different roofing style approach as well as the region the home is part of. After determining the roof style, it is smart to know these properly utilized measurements and tabs that fit the best