Make These Ideas Happen

Our volunteers and friends of SHoP have a lot of ideas for possible community events, but even though we have the space and resources to do it, we often lack the people and time to make them all a reality!

You can help us turn these ideas into realities! You can be our event organizer and host your event at SHoP!

Come up with the plans, and we’ll give you the space and materials to do it.

Make these ideas happen:

  • The first ever Children’s Theatre Group in Hyde Park. Rarely is there a chance for children in the Hyde Park community to actively engage in the performing arts. Create Hyde Park’s first Children’s Theatre Group! Advertise a few flyers in local elementary schools, make costumes with them, adopt a script, rehearse, and host a benefit children’s play for the community.
  • Saturday flea markets. A place for members of the community to exchange and barter their hand-crafted items, artwork, and used goods with one another. A real, local marketplace to meet local artists, craftsmen, and enthusiasts across the neighborhood.
  • Skill-Shares. Everyone with a unique skill or knowledge to share sits in several rooms across SHoP. People rotate for about 30 minutes or so each person to learn a new skill–be it how to play the guitar, a foreign language, beginning crochet lessons, or tap dancing lessons. Come away from these sessions learning new skills and hobbies.
  • Time Banks. Instead of dollars, exchange time amongst each other. You teach me, I’ll fix your car. You fix my car, I’ll paint your bedroom.
  • Children’s Workshops. We would love to have more children’s workshops and programs at SHoP! Be it in writing, the arts, science, or anything else fun, enriching, and/or educational! Host one, or several, workshops for children at SHoP. Make a one-week science camp, teach children the beginnings of a new language, give them comic-drawing lessons, or whatever you’d like!
  • Dance or Exercise classes. Host dance classes in our third floor aesthetics room. We have a lot of space and mats. You can be our instructor. Feel free to charge a small nominal fee for your members (suggested $2 per session)
  • Mystery Murder Dinner Series. Fenn House is a 100-year-old mansion. What sort of quaint, strange things happened here? Why is there a room with a one-way mirror in the basement? Why are there rooms filled with letters? And who killed Ms. Smith? Use the entire Fenn House to play out your mystery dinner. Invite members of the community and a few actors to play as guests to your mystery dinner (make it a potluck, even!). Disperse clues all around Fenn House. And figure out who did it.

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