Southside Hub of Production Fundraising

Southside Hub of Production Fundraising


The Southside Hub of Production exists as one of the few valuable collectives of artists, writers, film makers, craftspeople, educators, and local civic organizations who have come together to create a local cultural hub space in Hyde Park, Chicago. The cultural contribution this affords the community is incredible – people from throughout Hyde Park can come down to spread the word on their latest pieces, political campaign, or community project to ask for collaboration or just to share.

These funds go directly to paying for the overhead costs and rent that make this community sharing possible. On the second floor of the house is a thrift store for the community – one which provides cheap and warm clothes to any who walk into our doors. Filled with intriguing clothes, trinkets, and objects full of character – this shop offers durable goods that also offer a positive environmental impact.

Yet as soon as these funds dry up, a community loses a cultural hub where any idea or object could be found – real or not. In total, our costs amount to $2000 a month for rent and other costs. Since SHoP is entirely volunteer run, all donations go 100% towards the costs of this jazzy operation – not the deep pockets of some administrator. On this level, every donation truly does make a difference.

No matter your penchant – preserving the arts, providing a cheap and interesting community shop, or creating an inter-community dialogue – this cultural hub ought to appeal to the best of our passions as human beings. It is these campaigns, these small donations that often go unnoticed by the general public – that one micro donation can change the shape of an individual’s life and of an entire community.

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